Frequently asked questions

men shoesWhat should my child wear?

Tennis shoes, comfortable shorts or pants and a t-shirt work best. If your little one is dressing up for the day, just make sure she has shorts under her dress or skirt as our students spend a lot of time twirling and flipping upside down so we want to make sure that everyone is dressed ready to flip! Tennis shoes are preferred over sandals and slip-ons for safety reasons. Safety is our number one concern for all students!

How many students and coaches will be on board the bus?

We will have a maximum of 14 students with two coaches on board, making sure our students are fully engaged at all times! We want to make sure that your child gets the most out of their 30 minute class time!

How often do the lessons change?

Our lessons change weekly! While we do repeat some skills in order to develop them, we are always introducing new skills as well as new nutritional information.

Am I allowed on the bus?

YES! We welcome parents, teachers and the like to come on board and watch your little one develop their athletic abilities!

What is the protocol for cuts, scraps or bumps?

BEEBUS coaches are CPR/First aid certified. We will handle scrapes or scratches with the appropriate cleaning/bandage and send home an incident report form which will give you the details of the incident. Anything more serious than a minor scrap, bump, bruise, scratch, or the like will be handled according to the preschool’s protocol for such incidents.

Will the bus ever take the students anywhere?

The bus will be parked at all times, with the keys out of the ignition. At no point will the bus be driven with students on board. We will remain parked next to the preschool, on their property until all students are safely returned to their teacher.

What if my child has to go to the restroom?

Typically we ask the students to take a potty break prior to getting on board the bus. However, we realize that sometime our students are SO excited to get on the bus, that they may omit the restroom break until it becomes urgent. In that event, one of our coaches will take your child to the restroom and back to BEEBUS. The coach that is on the bus with the students will keep the remaining student engaged in a safe game such as “simon says” until the other coach returns.

Why am I receiving emails from BEEBUS?

BEEBUS’ primary form of communication with their parents is through the use of emails. Emails provide a time stamped record of anything that either you communicate to BEEBUS (i.e. notification of sickness, vacation, etc), or that BEEBUS communicates to you (i.e. time for account renewal, schedule change, etc) . This covers all parties should any issues arise later should there be a question as to when or if notification was sent. For this reason we ask that you check your emails for this. They may contain important information about your child’s account.

How will BEEBUS handle cold or hot weather?

BEEBUS is fully equipped with three air conditioning units on board the bus. Whatever the temperature is outside, we won’t know it on the inside!

What did my child work on last week?

Check out your child’s “Daily Report” for information on what your child worked on and learned while on board BEEBUS.

Rainy Weather

Is BEEBUS a year round program?

Yes, we offer both a school year, and summer program for our students.

My child was enrolled in BEEBUS last year, will they still benefit from enrolling a second year?

YES! Our instructors will challenge their students to be their absolute best. If we see your child has mastered a certain skill, we will challenge them in other ways like by perfecting their form or by trying the next progression of skills.

How are behavioral issues handled?

While on board BEEBUS we have to maintain a certain level of safety for all students. Poor behavior can result in the compromising of safety. We will issue a couple of warnings, but if a child is unable to control their behavior, they will be escorted back to their classroom. Two occurrences of this will result in termination of enrollment.

Will I receive credit for missed classes?

If BEEBUS has to cancel a class due to weather or mechanical problems, you will receive a credit on your account and an email detailing that occurrence to you. However, because our schedule, classes and number of instructors relies upon enrollment, we cannot offer credits for absenteeism. For extended absences, please contact BEEBUS via call, text, or email.