Happy Holidays

Let’s face it, everyone over indulges during the holidays! Even the healthiest of families may fall victim to the infamous winter weight gain. A couple of pounds is OK, 5-10 not OK! Many times, we don’t think about monitoring our kids intake as we feel they will burn it off immediately with their fast little metabolisms. Well, just because we can afford to eat more (or less healthy) doesn’t mean that we should.

Here are some quick tips for you and your family to keep healthy, active, and even slim during the holiday season!

  1. Nix the appetizers … unless you want to put out something like raw veggies and a greek yogurt veggie dip. According the Mayo Clinic, a thanksgiving meal can easily add up to 4,000 calories. Eliminating unnecessary calories anywhere you can will be to you and your family’s benefit!
  2. Quality over quantity! Fill your plate up with roasted or sautéed veggies and lean meats, then leave a little room for the starches and fats. Do the same for your little ones. You’re a lot less likely to gorge yourself on mashed potatoes and gravy if you fill that belly up with roasted peppers, onions, and the like.
  3. Less is more! Make one, maybe two options for deserts, rather than 4 or 5. The more the options, the more the temptation!
  4. Get active! Make sure to get out for a family jog, flag football or some other activity. If you feel too tired to move, just go for a quick walk. This will boost your energy and aid the digestive system in breaking down that big meal a little faster!

Have a wonderful holiday season!


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