Information for Preschool Directors

Information for Preschool Directors

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Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to take a look at our website. Although there is a lot of information in some of the other areas of our website, we felt it was important that we address our preschool directors, so that you have a better understanding of the part you would potentially play in this service. Here is a little more about us:

We have transformed a school bus into a safe and stimulating environment for exercise, health education and of course – FUN! During their time on the BeeBus, our students spend time learning sports skills and nutrition facts and are sent home with a weekly report to parents letting them know what the theme of our week is, as well as the details of their child’s session. The theme is always a letter from the alphabet, and includes the primary skills for the week as well as the foods we are learning about. Some of these reports even include healthy recipes for parents to try with their children.

We hope to add to your already enriching curriculum by offering your students a weekly 30 minute session on our bus. Each session will have up to 15 children on board, with two instructors so that the children are always being stimulated and challenged! On board we have a playground grade rubberized floor, soft gymnastics equipment, monkey bars, a zip-line, soft carpeted walls, gymnastics rings, and so much more.

girl with booksYou may be wondering if our presence will be of any consequence to you. The answer is no. You will not be responsible for the children getting to and from their session, nor will you be responsible for the handling of payments, questions, comments, parental concerns, or any of the like. We handle everything! We also have found that when students are on board our bus, their teachers have extra time for planning, cleaning, organizing, or even for break time. Our presence actually lightens a schools load, even if only for a short period of time!

We hope that you will allow us to provide your students with a FREE demonstration. You and your students’ parents are more than welcome to pop on board and watch a class so that you can see first-hand the joy that we bring to our students and yours. We look forward to hearing from you!