Keeping the Family Healthy When the Candy Parade Begins

I know, I know! It’s silly to think we can keep ourselves and our kids healthy through the holiday season – especially the candy laden holiday we all know as HALLOWEEN! Between the snickers, skittles and tootsie rolls, who can resist?

We all know that candy isn’t good for us. But why? Here’s the nitty gritty behind it all. When you or your child takes in a high amount of sugar, the sugar is then routed into the pancreas which releases insulin instead of glycogen. Then, the insulin is absorbed by your fat cells, making them grow. Then, we get that “sugar rush” feeling when the fat cells transport glycogen into the blood stream which misleads you into thinking you (or your little one) have energy.

If we want to keep this to a minimum, we have to figure out ways to combat our tendency to go crazy and eat 26 mini peanut butter cups. Here are a few tips on how to keep your family healthy during the Halloween holiday!

  1. If your kids really have several pounds of candy, consider finding a “candy buy back” place. Many bigger cities offer a place like this. Some dentist offices even offer this service. I am not telling you to sneak off and sell all your kids’ candy. Talk to them about it and work out some sort of reward for taking some of the candy in to sell.
  2. Try little bits at a time. At my house, the kids get one mini package of candy in their lunch, and one after dinner. At this rate, the candy lasts forever!
  3. Out of sight, out of mind! Put the candy away where no one (including yourself) can actually see it. The tendency is to grab a piece every time we walk by if it’s just sitting out on the counter. Get it out only to grab a piece, and put it back where it’s kind of a hassle to get down. This also decreases the chances that your little ones will be sneaking any candy without permission!
  4. Get more active! Any time you take in extra calories, whether you are 7 or 70, it’s important to do a little more work to shed those extra calories. Try a family game of tag, a relay race, or a nice walk outside.
  5. Get real! Have a family talk about the importance of moderation with regards to sugary foods. Even if they don’t understand now, they will later. Remember, you’re only planting a seed. Later you will see that your message was heard.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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