Besides our primary theme of fitness, we teach some of the foundations of other sports such as soccer and basketball as well as skills from other genres of exercise such as yoga and calisthenics. Each session begins with a great stretch and warm up. We are always stressing the importance of safety when engaging in exercise with our students. While warming up and stretching, our couches engage the students by having them participate in the counting of stretches, naming of body parts, and exercises that are being performed. We’ve noticed the students get really good at these after the second or third lesson which lets us know they are really absorbing all that we ask of them!

We do everything from cone drills for soccer, agility drills, jumping drills, body awareness games, etc. We feel that by practicing all of these different activities, and utilizing all plains of movement, we are preparing our students for their futures in sports, physical education and more! We strive to have our students reach attainable goals which brings them a sense a sense of pride as they obtain new skills.

Although BEEBUS is all about sports and fitness, this is a non-competitive environment! Our students will not only feel good about how they are performing, but are encouraged to cheer and compliment their friends. We feel they will have plenty of time later in life to compete! We are only here for FUN and LEARNING!

We at BEEBUS believe that exercise is more than just getting a little Sweaty! We want our students to understand the reason why exercise is so important. While they may not fully understand right now, that little seed of knowledge will grow! Later, when it is time to make their own decisions, we hope that they will have the tools they need to make the right decisions!

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