Each week we will end our activity time with a mini-lesson in foods while our students wind down before returning to class. We will have one to two foods that we will focus on. We will talk about what the food is, it’s shape, its color, what it does for our bodies, and in some cases – your little one may bring home a recipe for family to try!

For example, on the week that we talk about eggplant:

“Check out this beautiful, dark purple eggplant. It has many nutrients that work for our bodies. One important nutrient helps our brains work better!”

“What about beans? Beans have a nutrient in them that help build our muscles so we can be excellent exercisers!”

We realize our students have a wide variety of personalities, likes and dislikes – but there seems to be a common theme among preschoolers: “green veggies are gross!”

If you are one of the lucky few families with a child that eats anything, they will like our conversations about greens and it may help them get a little more excited when they eat their veggies because they now know a little more about why it’s so good for them.

If you’re like a lot of parents, with a finicky eater, we hope that by talking about all the benefits of veggies and fruits such as “they’ll help make you big and strong”, they may just venture outside of their regular routines, and ask for something else.

Don’t worry though! We will keep things fun and exciting and talk about healthier ways to eat some of their existing favorites like ICE CREAM! Who knew ice cream could be healthy?? WE DO! Expect a yummy homemade ice cream recipe that week! Your child will hopefully be ready to explore many new options when it comes to the food they eat!

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