Overview – How it Works

 Overview – How it Works

school boy standing on blockBEEBUS is an amazing tool for preschools and parents to utilize to get their kids interested in health and exercise. Using themes like the alphabet, shapes, colors, sports, and more, BEEBUS reinforces lessons that are being taught in the classroom, while also implementing fun gymnastics and fitness exercises AND teaching about the importance of good nutrition.

BEEBUS is a mobile, air-conditioned gym on wheels that visits your child’s pre-school once per week for 30 minute sessions. Don’t worry parents! The bus is parked the entire time we have students aboard. Besides teaching FUN gymnastics lessons, we provide other stimulating exercises that prepare kids for sports and physical education classes as well as safety skills that will help prevent injuries like proper landing techniques.

After each lesson, our students will be sent home with a “daily report” of what activity and foods we discussed in class that day. There is room for comments so our coaches can give you updates on how your little one is doing each week!

What BEEBUS envisions for each of their students is a time with us in which they can learn more about z for zebrasocializing, taking turns and sportsmanship – by encouraging our friends when they do well on a skill, as well as increased spatial awareness, improved motor skills, and an overall sense of pride in themselves as they develop and improve on each new skill.

Our class sizes range from 8 to 14 students with TWO coaches on board, making sure our students keep those minds and bodies SUPER busy! Rarely do our students waist time in line because we always have someone there to work with them! Quality is very important to BEEBUS as we want to make sure that our kids are getting the most out of their time and our parents are getting the most for their hard-earned dollars! Be believe that busy bodies and happy minds lead to healthy bodies, which is what we are ALL about!

We at BEEBUS thank you for taking the time to consider our program as part of your child’s overall learning experience with their preschool center.