The following are a list of policies that BEEBUS has provided in order to protect our student’s parents and guardians from any misunderstandings due to a lack of information. It is very important that you read through these policies in order to fully understand how our program is ran, what you can expect of BEEBUS, and what we ask for in return.

  1. I understand that BEEBUS only provides credit for classes that are cancelled due to mechanical or weather problems. Due to the fact that our schedule, classes and number of instructors relies upon enrollment, we cannot offer credits for absenteeism. For extended absences, please contact BEEBUS via call, text, or email.
  1. I understand that there may be circumstances beyond BEEBUS’ control that may prevent a class from occurring. In the event that something like this happens, BEEBUS will either issue a credit, or schedule a make-up class. Possible events include, but are not limited to the following: mechanical problems, poor weather/driving conditions, etc. Parents and guardians will be notified via-email should something like this occur. Please check email regularly to stay informed to any possible changes.
  1. I understand that, upon enrollment of my child in the BEEBUS Gymnastics and Fitness program, my child is enrolled until I notify BEEBUS in writing via e-mail regarding my child’s withdrawal. E-mailing provides you with protection against lost documents, or any other mishap. It also provides you with a time-stamped document of when you gave notice of withdrawal or absence for your child.
  1. I understand that the primary forms of payment are cash, money order, or credit/debit. In the event that you do not have access to any of the prior options, please contact our office to make other arrangements.
  1. I understand that if my account is not current, my child will not participate in class the date that BEEBUS is scheduled at his or her school. The easiest way to avoid missed or forgotten payment is to purchase 8 or 12 weeks in advance. We do not require either of these options, but both will help those busy parents stay on track with their accounts.
  1. I understand that if my child in persistently disruptive and uncooperative in class, they will be taken back to their teacher for the remainder of the class time. We at BEEBUS will try every avenue possible to keep your little one, happy and engaged however, behavioral problems can become a safety issue which is our number one priority.
  1. I understand that three times of being taken out of class, will result in termination of my child’s enrollment. If problems persist with a student’s behavior, the parent or guardian will be contacted prior to our taking permanent actions.

At BEEBUS we provide a quality and enriching environment that will foster learning for all children. Thank you for your time and consideration of our amazing program. We look forward to spending time with your child.

Bee Active and Healthy like Our Bee Fitt Kids!

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